O SOM DO ESPAÇO: 5100-127

"5100-127" is an integral part of the project “O som do espaço" developed in the Artistic Residencies ZONA during the TRC Zigurfest 2017 Festival. This project was attended by 4 different sound artists, proposed to sound the historical sites of the city of Lamego during the festival period.
The spaces involved were the Castle (Aires), Cisterna (nial), Lamego Museum (Jose Miguel Silva) and the Cloisters of the Cathedral (Daily Misconceptions).

This set of sound installations sought not to influence the layout and concept of spaces, it is intended before, to add a sound representation, creating through the sound a new space.

Lamego Reservoir: Located outside the Castle´s walls, has a distinct rectangular shape with high vaults, is seen as “one of the finest examples of reservoirs in a Portuguese Castle. In November 2013, the reservoir reopened after profound renovation and requalification works. 

Sound columns were placed discreetly, taking advantage of the reverberation of the place. This created the idea of an enigmatic sound source, intending a submersion experience, where the person has the possibility of entering the trip. At the end of the cycle, you return to your starting point.

This istallation took place between 29 August and 3 September.

“The house and its contens, the confort and the exodus, the return and the departure. On the solid walls that constrict, the prodigal resounds and expands, flees and arrive again”

Music, production and mastering by nial
Poem and Portuguese guitar by Joana Raposo Gomes
Length: 37´52´´