ZigurArtists // 2015

Comemorative record of the birthday of Zigur and the five years of TRC Zigurfest. A challange was made to his artists and pick a song from the catalog and recreate its image. The result was 10 songs with a new dimension that reflect the vitality and the plurality of images, visions that live between Zigur. HereĀ“s ANTOLOGIA.

02. nial + Swadika - Lethargy

Lethargy is one of the best songs written by ManInFeast, a project of ZigurArtists. This song got lost between demos - and bring us to the beginning of the label. This is a kind of an eco, if you want. This interpretation results from the resonation of Lethargy in our heads, here explored on a electro-acustic dimension. From a state of lethargy (where all particules of the body are static, fighting to get in contact with emotions), we create a confortable ambient, warm and calm.

This record its under the licence of Creative Commons, if not for commercial proposes, its avaliable for free download, re-use and remix.
For more information contact us, by sending an e-mail.